South Africa was partner with CIA in rendition program – Open Society

This article appeared first on SABC News Online and has been reprinted here with permission.

South Africa was named, along with 55 other countries, in Open Society’s “Globalizing Torture” 2013 report, as having cooperated with the United States and the CIA in the rendition (undocumented transport) of terrorism detainees and suspects. The report covers the last 13 years since the 9/11 attack in New York City.

Although not explicitly named in the US Senate report released earlier this week, the Open Society report fills in the gaps left behind when the US Senate report was declassified; many names, countries, and locations were redacted by the Senate Commission.

The Open Society report has a chapter dedicated to South Africa.

The report concludes the chapter,”There are no other known judicial cases or investigations relating to South Africa’s participation in CIA secret detention and extraordinary rendition operations.”

The US Senate Intelligence Committee released its report (4 years in the making) on Tuesday about the CIA torture programme, to the horror and aghast of the global intelligence community and world governments. The report has received wide coverage and criticism since its publishing.

Download both the Open Society (PDF, 1MB, 200+ pages) and Senate (PDF, 14MB, 500+ pages) reports.